Tiny Box Helps You Beat the Heat During this Record Breaking Summer. The Idea Is Genius...

August 27, 2019

An uncomfortable and scorching hot summer is just around the corner – are you ready for it? With this tiny box, you will be!

It’s going to be a long, hot, and uncomfortable summer season in United States There is incontrovertible evidence that global temperatures are rising everywhere.

And this difference can be felt all over the world.

Regardless of where you are, rising temperatures will ensure you a certain amount of discomfort one way or another.

Discomfort that can come in the form of heat, allergies, respiratory ailments, or sleepless nights.

Yes, electric fans and air conditioning units are plentiful.

Fans may seem to be a cost-effective option – but they won’t cool you off as an AC would.

On the other hand, air conditioning units may do the job – but they are expensive to install, run, and maintain.

Don’t get me started about the tremendous amounts of noise both generate.

That said, I know that the hot weather in United States can be excruciating.

Thing is, you can get the benefits of the cool, refreshing, pleasant breeze of an air conditioning unit that purifies your air before you inhale it…while paying no more than you would for the cost-effectiveness of an electric fan.

There are already hundreds of thousands of people around the world who own this effective, economical, and portable alternative to cool themselves and their surroundings …with the added bonus of cleaning the air wherever it is placed.

And it comes in a package no larger than a big lunchbox.

What is It?

We’re talking about the ZenCooler, an innovative, high-technology, affordable alternative to conventional air conditioning that cools you off just the same, if not better, than conventional AC units.

It’s absolutely perfect for those long, hot, humid hot weather nights that you will definitely experience this coming hot weather season.

ZenCooler was developed by two German engineers who got tired of persevering through punishingly hot weather.

They discovered that conventional air conditioning units are inefficient, inconvenient, and uneconomical for daily use.

Neither were they made for travel.

This is what drove them to engineer this sleek, portable, easy-to-use, yet powerful air conditioning box.

Not only that – it’s a fraction of the size, a fraction of the weight, and a fraction of the time it takes to set up an AC.

Simply put, there is nothing in the market that comes as close as ZenCooler does to provide instant, relieving, clean, and refreshing cool air in virtually seconds…

…in such a portable, easy to maintain, easy to use, yet powerful little box…

…without any of the hassles you will encounter in setting up, maintaining, and pay for air conditioning!!!

How does ZenCooler Work?

Simply fill it with water and turn it on. Powered by a USB cable, ZenCooler is one of the most powerful portable Air Conditioning units in it’s class, blowing cold air anytime and anywhere you need.

Watch this video to see how it works…


Where can I get a ZenCooler?

It’s only available from the official website.

What makes ZenCooler so special?

Maximum portability - Where you can use your ZenCooler personal cooling unit

It’s just slightly larger than a lunchbox, and its sleek design is geared for maximum portability – it literally fits in all sorts of spaces: office, bedroom, bathroom, garage, outside, etc.

You can use ZenCooler anywhere that has access to either a standard outlet or USB port.

This low-profile air comforting personal unit is ideal for office workers, teacher’s desks, mechanics, garages, work benches, reading rooms, even patios, RV’s and tents. Cool the areas that you could never cool before, hot kitchens, enclosed porches, terraces, balconies or wherever you want to relax in cooler air.

Maximum ease of use

There’s no need for ornamental bells and whistles – ZenCooler is designed to be as easy to use as possible.

The controls are elegant in their simplicity, but optimal in their functionality, and work especially well with the unit’s portability.

Sleep better…INSTANTLY.

ZenCooler comes in 7 mood lights that work well with the cool, clean air and the relaxing hum of its fan all contribute to an environment conducive to having a good night’s sleep.

PRO TIP: For an even more relaxing sleeping environment, try adding a few drops of your preferred scented oils in the water tank!

Inhale cool, clean, and fresh air, anytime, anywhere.

The air quality from ZenCooler’s three-speed fan is incomparable – it’s as cool and clean as air can be, filtered of the impurities in its surroundings!

And it doesn’t even take a mechanic or an HVAC expert to clean it – its filter comes right off for you to wash and re-attach afterwards.

It’s as good as air conditioning gets – in a small, stylish, yet functional and powerful package.

PRO TIP: For an even cooler breeze of air, simply add a bottle of chilled tap water or drop some ice cubes in the water tank – it’s a simple as that!

Exorbitant electricity bills and maintenance costs are over.

You’d think that something this compact yet powerful would require all sorts of gadgets to keep it charged and ready to go – but that’s hardly the case.

All you need to do is to plug into an electrical socket or any USB port within your grasp…and it requires such little energy to charge that you can literally run it off your smartphone, your power bank, or your laptop.

Say goodbye to surprises on your monthly electricity consumption and maintenance bills – running a ZenCooler over a conventional air conditioning unit only takes a fraction of the cost.

Un-matched value for money.

There is nothing in the market that comes as close to ZenCooler – not even in price. Most AC units cost upwards of USD $200 – and that’s not even including maintenance costs and electricity bills that can burn a hole in your pocket.

With ZenCooler, you won’t need to – and it wouldn’t cost you $200.

It wouldn’t even cost you $150.

For you to enjoy all the benefits and savings that ZenCooler can provide, all you need to pay for is $89 only (limited time offer, was $99 ) – an absolute steal considering all that it can do for you!

If that’s not enough…you can get this innovative little device for as low as $49 on a multi-buy deal available right here! That brings us to the final question…

…Is it worth your hard-earned money?

Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times YES.

There’s nothing that comes close to the value you get with ZenCooler – it’s everything you want an air conditioning unit to be, only that it’s portable, easy to use, economical, effective, and almost maintenance-free – and if that’s not enough, think of the comfort, the convenience, and the improved sleep you stand to gain from using ZenCooler…it’s simply the best AC unit for its size in the world today.

Where can you buy ZenCooler in United States?

It’s only available from ZenCooler’s official website.

Order it now to get the best price, straight from the source!

This is as good as it gets – simply click button below to check availability.

Update: Wednesday, August 8, 2019 - Ever since ZenCooler was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 2 million units. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time first time buyer 50% discount. To see if they are still available in your state, click on your state below or the button underneath the map.

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