This Genius Gadget Fixes Slow Wifi and Reveals Shady Internet Service Providers

August 29, 2019

Constantly being disconnected from the internet and suffering from slow WiFi speeds on your computer or mobile device? Well if you’re living in America then you’re not alone, and are very likely being played by shady internet service providers.

Usually when Jeremy Holes, 51, would check his email inbox, things would load near instanteously, but for some reason it had started taking upwards of a few minutes. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except now Jeremy was trying to work remotely from home, something he’d been working towards for a few years. He was very much looking forward to his new comfy working environment and 20 foot commute. But unfortunately for him, that fantasy didn’t play out like he’d hoped.,,

When your job depends upon constant communicaiton with your coworkers during the day, things can start to go south in a hurry. In addition, websites and file downloads had started become painfully slow… but that wasn’t even the worst of it.

Just a few weeks earlier he’d opted for a faster, more expensive internet package knowing it would be well worth it while working from his small 3-bedroom house. Annoyed, he did what many of us are now having to doing on a regular basis…

So he phoned up his internet service provider (ISP) and complained. While they agreed to send out a technician, unfortunately the earliest appointment they had was for next week. Now Jeremy was really annoyed, as he’d have to postpone his work from home plans yet again. Finally the technician arrived, but when he did, Jeremy got quite the surprise.

The broadband technician, Adam (name changed to hide identity from his employer) showed up and quickly “fixed” Jeremy’s internet, boosting the speeds many times over. He was a genuinely cheerful and chatty guy, so Jeremy decided to offer him a beer.

“Haha well I really shouldn’t, but man it’s been a long day…” Adam replied.

They started chatting more and more, when Jeremy mentioned he was trying to work from home. When he said that Adam informed him he’d likely be having the same sort of internet problem in a few weeks. Surprised by his remark, Jeremy’s dissapointed expression must have prompted Adam to open up.

“The thing is, you are given the promises speeds… for a little while”, Adam replied. “But over time they tend to start throttling performance, and can remotely adjust your router, which ‘just so happens’ to be conveniently combined with your broadband modem in most homes, giving them more control over your speeds and wifi. Without a fix, over time your internet will get slower and slower”

Surprised at his honesty, Jeremy asked “How are they allowed to do that? Aren’t there ways to ensure you’re getting the promised speeds and make it so that doesn’t happen?”

“Yes, but there’s all sorts of tricks they pull. For starters the broadband data and speed is split up between two channels, so while technically you’re getting the promised speed, you’re only really using one at a time, effectively getting half the speed. But even that is only if everything else is setup correctly.”

Upset, but not terribly surprised, Jeremy started to tell Adam to not even bother fixing it, and he was considering switching broadband companies anyway before this.

“You’ll still have the same issue” Adam said. “All the big ISPs do it, it’s just how things are nowadays.”

“Basically the whole goal is to get you to upgrade to a faster package by slowing decreasing speeds over time. It’s all about squeezing customers for more money.” he said.

Jeremy thinking his dreams of working from home were dashed, slouched into his chair and asked “There must be some way for this to work?”

Adam took another a sip of his beer, paused for a second, then smiled and told him to wait right there. He went back out to his van and returned with a tiny white device in his hands, and a slight grin on his face.

“If anyone asks, you didn’t get this from me! It’s called a Super Boost Wifi” he said. “It combines the two data channels normally split, and then boosts the amplified wifi signal throughout your house. Believe me when I say that you’re not going to be having speed or wifi problems anymore.

Jeremy smiled and shook Adam’s hand, and thanked him “Thanks for eveything. What do I owe you for that?”

Adam motioned to the beer in his other hand and replied “This ones on me… thanks for the beer!”

We Tried “Super Boost Wifi” For Ourselves. Does it Live Up to the Hype?

Turns out not only does the gadget boost your WiFi range and boost speeds, it’s also pretty quick and easy to install; literally just insert it into a wall socket. It then combines the speed from different data channels from your modem into a blazing fast connection. And the extra wifi antennas allow for more stable performance throughout the apartment/house.

Even in multi-story homes, or out into the backyard, it does its magic and boosts the signal. But you know what the best part is though?

No matter what brand or model of WiFi router you have, it just works. You can even use two or more of them to create a ‘wireless mesh network’ allowing you to have super fast WiFi speeds wherever you go in your house. Plus it has an ethernet port you can use to hardwire connections to smart devices like your TV. And for the security concerned among us, it also controls who can gain access to it, unlike your router.

Putting “Super Boost WiFi” to the Test.

Two days after placing our order online it arrived, and we immedifately put it to the test, plugging it into an outlet. All together it was setup within minutes.

While he don’t have a multi-story home, we do have a large 1700 sq ft country home and large yard. We asked our grandkids to grab their phones and tablets and fans out into different rooms.

Often in the past our youngest nephew would grow frustrated with speeds and yell out “Who’s downloading movies!?”, but this time was different.

Now he was play his favorite online action game without any lag, all while Netflix was streaming on someone else’s tablet, and we were simultaÔłĆneously listening to music and downloading Youtube videos. No slow connections, no dropped signals… not a peep out of anyone. What a difference!

It’s not often you get to experience such a amazing device that actually lives up to its claims like Super Boost Wifi. So thank you Adam for speaking out, and thanks to Jeremy for offering him that beer!

Update: Wednesday, August 8, 2019 - With over 2 million units sold after being featured on TV, Super Boost Wifi has skyrocketed in popularity and sales. Admist glowing reviews, and aiming for even greater growth, the company is now offering up to a 50% discount for first-time buyers. To see if they are still available in your area, click the button below.

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