Mom Discovers How To Unlock Channels for FREE. Never Pay for Cable Again!

June 13, 2019

A breakthrough HDTV Antenna lets you unlock hundreds of channels legally and save big on cable tv costs…

This is the story of Ava, who was left to provide for her four children alone.

With the help of friends and family, Ava’s story was quickly spread on social media. This at least helped with the funeral and hospital bills.

Ava managed to help help with food for her children, but with no money for extra luxuries, she was forced to cancel things like her kid’s after school programs, and she stopped paying the cable bill.

I saw Ava’s Go Fund Me post and read her tragic story. Her poor children were going through thespian of losing their father and without welcomed distractions like their favorite TV shows afternoons and evenings became a time of dwelling and sadness.

Sometimes you never know how important a simple joy like cable TV is until it is taken away. Having it taken from her children in an already tough time really hurt me deep

Although I didn’t know Ava or her children, I knew I had to do something so I posted online for help with their cable expenses.

Dr. Jeremy Ferguson happened to see Ava an I’s plea for help.

This touched the Physicist deeply as he had just lost his wife of 25 years

While Dr Ferguson was co-leading a joint operation with NASA

He worked with a team on receiving signals from orbiting TV satellites

He immediately knew his expertise here could help Ava

“Our intel rereleased that ordinary homes could be used as giant antennas because of their metal wiring” - Dr Ferguson

Why build or buy large expensive antennas when your’e already living inside one?

Dr Ferguson and his team then developed technology that unscrambles and collects Cable signals from your home’s wiring

We call this technique “Home Amping” because it turns ordinary homes into giant cable antennas

Dr Ferguson then teamed up with the folks over at LiveWave and shared his knowledge with their engineers

Within a few months, the first prototype antenna was developed and approved for use

This was perfect timing.. because an Act had just been passed which stated that TV signals are public property for everyones use… just like radio signals

After testing the new LiveWave Antenna himself he sent one to Ava Armstrong with a note..

“Saw your story and had to help. Now you and your children will have free Cable TV for life. “ - Dr Ferguson

Ava then reached back out to let us know

“I was cooking dinner when it arrived so my son installed the LiveWave antenna. Considering he’s 10, I was pretty impressed with how easy it was to install”

That night we all sat on the sofa, entertained by our favorite shows. LiveWave instantly brought a lot of joy back to our household

Without the $150 a month bill that I just couldn’t afford anymore, I didn’t realize how much I missed my news and soap operas and more importantly, my daughter screamed in excitement when se saw her favorite cartoons. I never knew she missed them so much.

This device has been a dream come true for us and being able to watch TV together again takes our minds off the tough times.

Unknowingly to her, Ava’s story has had an impact on us all. Not only have we followed along with Ava’s ups and downs, but like her we can also experience Free HD cable TV for life thanks to Dr. Ferguson’s gracious and genius invention

As of 2019, LiveWave Antenna is available to the public, button limited supply. Now you too can get up to 50+ high definition cable television stations within seconds, for free and for life.

Ant it works by using the wiring in any home built after 1966 Turing your entire home into a giant free cable TV dish.

LiveWave takes the signals you are already receiving from over 50+ cable television stations and directs them into any television you plug it into.

That’s the beauty - you already get these stations you just need LiveWave antenna to decode the signal.

These signals themselves are free to the public by law, just like the radio. Now there’s a simple antenna that does it, bringing you HD TV with over 50 channels with absolutely no monthly subscription or bill.

So how can you start reaping the benefits of Dr. Ferguson’s invention? The main challenge so far has been keeping up with the demand, especially among families like Ava’s and seniors.

The first LiveWave shipment arrived early last month and has already sold out. The next shipment arrived earlier this week, and LiveWave is offering a 50% discount through our exclusive link.

Media outlets have caught wind of the LiveWave hype and experts say that this is the future of television and it’s here years early!

So keep in mind that when news stations air this, we are certain it will sell out again instantly. We encourage you to give it a try and see what you’re missing, One day you will thank for me for it!

UPDATE: Only 18 Antennas Still Available.

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